Retire With Confidence

Designed especially for LEOs
Transition from Police Service


Mission Statement


I service ALL Law Enforcement Officers:
  • Retired LEOs – even if you have been retired for a while.
  • Active LEOs
  • Contemplating retirement LEOs
  • Preparing to retire LEOs
I service all Military Branches.

What I do

Perform a Needs Assessment

Are You Ready To Retire- Check-list

Examine your transferrable skill-set in preparation for a career change

Create an individual focused exit plan for your retirement needs

Design and update your resume to improve your profile image

how I help

I guide you through the retirement process offering emotional, mental, and professional support

I assess your skillset

I provide relevant key steps that will help with your decision to retire

Our services are specifically designed for LEOs by a LEO

I prepare LEOs to retire with success and confidence

When Should you Seek a life coach?

Major Transitions

Life transitions, such as retirement, can be difficult to navigate. A life coach can help guide you through these challenging and confusing times.

Career Changes

It might not be obvious at first, but our skillset as LEOs is transferable to other career fields. Learn to utilize your skillset in preparing you for your new journey.


Relocation can cause anxiety and uncertainty. We can help you find your footing and create a plan of action.


As life throws changes at us, we rely on our relationships to keep us grounded and human. Learn how to appreciate and prioritize those who matter.

Coaches Solve Problems

PTSD- It's Real

This is a story about a LEO who experienced PTSD. 
His love for his Brothers and Sisters in blue inspired him to share his road to recovery.


Ready to retire?
Already retired?
What's your next move?

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